BioLayout is a powerful open-source visual analytics platform designed and developed to aid the interpretation of large and complex biological datasets rendered as network.

BioLayout can create and visualise networks from any table of numeric or discrete data values and display the often large and complex graph structures that result. It can also be used to visualise and analyse any data that is already in the form of a network or model pathway activity using a unique stocahstic Petri net algorithm.


  • Many input data formats
    • .csv, .gml, .graphml, .layout, .expression
  • Rapid calculation of correlation networks from primary data
    • Pearson, Spearman rank
  • Advanced graph layout algorithms, Fruchterman-Reingold, FMMM
  • Visualization of many thousands of data points and relationships
  • Interactive visualizations in 2D and 3D
  • Fast MCL graph clustering
  • Integration of data from different platforms and analyses
  • Many options for network visualization, inspection and querying
  • Easy export of analysis results
  • Supports Petri net stochastic flow simulation on mEPN pathways


Flexible workflows - Many data types, many applications Graphia works with two broad classes of data; Network data where connections between entities are already known, and Numerical data where Graphia will construct a correlation graph of any table of numerical values. As an open-source project, if it doesn’t already do what you want it to, you can adapt it to your own needs.

Harnessing the power of visualisation - Putting the analyst at the heart of the analysis

When data is visualised in an intuitive manner, it allows the analyst the tackle certain problems whose size and complexity make them otherwise intractable. BioLayout couples advanced computational algorithms with a visualisation interface that makes full use of the cognitive abilities of humans, providing deeper understanding and better communication of data.

Easy to use interface - No programming skills required

Graphia is designed to be usable by any analyst on any computational platform. Its intuitive graphical user interface means that powerful analytical algorithms and searches are just a click away!

Scalability - Think big!

The world is full of large and complex data and BioLayout has been designed to work with it. Every aspect of the tool has been optimised for maximum speed and performance, so you don’t have to wait.